Automatic Nylon Cable Tie Tying Machine

Product Categories: Winding and Bundling

Model: XC-390E


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1. Put the random loose material tie-up belt into the vibrating disc at will, and the tie-up belt is transmitted to the gun head through the pipeline.
2. Foot pedal, automatic completion of feeding, winding, tightening, cutting, throwing waste and other actions.
3.0.8 seconds to complete all the actions of feeding, winding, tightening, cutting and discarding, including auxiliary time, the whole cycle is about 2 seconds.
4. Waste is automatically collected in the waste box through a dedicated recycling system (optional configuration)
5. Adjustable binding strength or tightness
6. The main body has its own PLC control system, and the touch screen displays in Chinese. The operation is simple and clear.
7. It can cooperate with the manipulator to realize the automatic banding in the automatic production line. It can also be fixed on the table to be used as a desktop banding machine.
8. The whole machine has the function of automatic detection. It monitors every operation. Once abnormal operation is found, the machine stops immediately and gives an alarm prompt.
9. Automatic detection of blockage. If blockage is found, the machine stops immediately and gives an alarm and a key clearance function.
10. In response to the different regional temperature difference, the equipment is equipped with temperature control system, which can control the temperature of tie-up belt.

1. Tape specification: 2.5*100 mm (specific to physical object)
2. Band efficiency: 0.8 S/PCS
3. Applicable stator: 54, 60, 70, etc. (Subject to physical object)
4. Bundling range: physical or customized
5. Quantity of vibrating disc feeding: about 300 PCS/time
6. Host Size: L735*W825*H670 mm
7. Size of tie-up table: L365*W300*H350 mm
8. Applicable Pressure: 5-6 Kg/cm 2
9. Applicable power supply: 220V 50/60HZ
10. Whole machine weight: about 150 Kg (with casters, easy to weigh and move)