Electric Wire Winding Machine

Product Categories: Winding and Bundling

Model: XC-350


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This Electric Wire Winding Machine apply for Widely used in the electronics industry, the city ahs, electrical appliances, motor, lamps, toys, and other

various products of wire processing.

1. The automatic winding machine is applicable to the winding of wires / cables. Press the foot pedal to automatically wind the wires and stop automatically when the number of words is set.
2. The automatic winder is a winder with adjustable speed and adjustable number of buffer coils.
3. It is applicable to all kinds of finished lines, such as USB line, headset line, AC / DC power line, telephone line, audio line, video line, etc., which can be wound automatically, greatly reducing the production cost and improving the efficiency.
4. The round line can be wound round or 8-shaped, and the flat line noodle line can be wound. It can also be processed and customized according to different products.


Power Supply
AC220V 50Hz/60Hz
Power Rating
Winding Speed
Winding Diameter
Winding Shape
"8" shape,circle