Cable Bundling Machine

Product Categories: Winding and Bundling

Model: XC-380A


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This Cable Bundling Machine is suitable for AC power cord, DC power cord, USB cable, video line, HDMI hd line, etc all kinds of transmission line with plastic bags core twisted into beam, also can be used on other tape to use packet core sealing glue.This machine can reduce the fatigue strength of employees, improve work efficiency, save the cable tie, etc.Employees need to put in the wire winding, trample foot switch, automatic winding machine, artificial and then into a binding wire wound around a good line, the machine can automatic cable tie.Coil number for this machine can be set, winding speed can be adjust, set binding wire length, number of turns, counting can be output.The machine adopts PLC program control, text display to set parameters, the operation is simple and convenient. 



1. PLC program control English operation screen. It is easy to operate and adjust.

2. It is convenient to shape the wires and save time, increase the production.

3. It can pay off wires in a mess.


5-30mm Model

tape length 65-130mm
diameter of tying 5-30mm
power AC 220V 50HZ/60HZ
size L350*W456*H315(No holder 160mm)
weight 15KG
speed 0.6S per time

15-50mm Model
tape length 120-190mm
diameter of tying 15-50mm
power AC220V 50HZ/60HZ
size L380*W435*H340(No holder 160mm)
weight 30KG
speed 0.6s per time

40-90mm Model
tape length 200-300mm
diameter of tying 40-90mm
power AC220V 50HZ/60HZ
size L440*W610*H420(No holder 160mm)
weight 35KG
speed 0.6s per time