Pneumatic Cable Wire Stripper

Product Categories: Manual Wire Stripper

Model: XC-3F


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Pneumatic Cable Wire Stripper

1. Exquisite and compact design, extremely excellent conception, small footprint. 
2. Air pressure operate , electromagnetism valve control . 
3. Changing procedure & Materials rapidly 
4. High-efficiency step drive, high-accuracy and fast speed. 
5. High performance with low cost. 
6. Easy to maintain.
7.sheathing line computer peeling insulation is best for lines, cable lines, power lines of the processing. 
8. can be semi-automatic manual operation of the measuring, peeling , multilayer peeling achieveautomation. 
9. easy to install, take parts from the design structure, containing a variety of wire processing. 
10. no injury containing insulation peeling line to complete a one-time function


Type XC-3F
Size L330*W190*H270mm
Weight 13Kg
Power Supply AC220V 50/60Hz
Stripping length 3-25mm
Wire range AWG#32-AWG#16
Wire cross-section Less than 0.75mm2